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Van_halen tabs

When Its Love guitar tab

Van Halen - When Its Love
Transcribed by Lucas Haley

Drop D tuning.


Repeat this. Then:


Repeat this too. End with C9 and F5.

PArt 1:


Repeat this four times.

Verse 1:

Everybodys looking for something

Something to fill in the holes

We think a lot but dont do much
about it
til things get out of control


D                       A

How do i know when its love
        Bm                     E  F#  A

I cant tell you but it lasts forever

How does it feel when its love

Its just something you feel together

When its love

Verse 2:

You look at every face in the crowd

Some shine and some keep you guessing

Waiting for someone to come into focus

Teach you your final love lesson


Bridge, Chorus out.
I cant be bothered to figure out the bridge yet.
The outro goes:
D    A    D/F#    G

With nice backgroud vocals.

Supplied by Greg J. Musi (
  development and support by
dmitry ivanov