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U2 tabs

Slow Dancing guitar chords

"Slow Dancing"        (Bside for Stay)

                    F   G       C
A       My love is cruel as the night,
                        F     G            C
        she steals the sun, blots out the light
                    F           G       Em
        All of my colors, they turn to blue
                 G   Gsus4   G
        win or lose

                      F   G   C
B       She does it slooooow dancing
          F    G   C
        sloooooow dancing
                     F G Em F  G   Gsus4
        She does it slooooow dancing
        all night long

A       Scarlet eyes and see-through heart
        She saw me coming right from the start
        She picked me up, but I've been down on my knees
        just to beg her, baby please

B       Take me slooow dancing,
        slooooooow dancing
        she took me sloow dancing all night long

               Am               C
C       And I don't know why a man
                        F              G      C
        searches for himself in his lover's eyes
               Am               C
        No I don't know why a man
                 G        Gsus4      G
        sees the truth but needs the lies

A       My love is restless as the wind,
        she moves like a shadow across my skin
        She left with my conscience, I don't want it back
        It just gets in my way

B       You wanna go slooow dancing
        slooow dancing
        She took me sloooooow dancing.
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