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U2 tabs

Shadows And Tall Trees guitar chords

Shadows and Tall Trees.
chords from: (MR DAVID L MCCLINTOCK)

G                                     Bm
Back to the cold restless streets at night
C                            A
Talk to myself about tomorrow night
G                                      Bm
Walls of white protest, a gravestone in name
C                         D
Who is it now?  It's always the same.
C                   D
But I know oh no
C                   D
But I know oh no
C              D  Dsus2 D
But I know

                      G  F
Shadows and tall trees

                     G  F                G
Do you feel in me, anything redeeming
any worthwhile feeling
                   G                                   F
is life like a tightrope hanging from my ceiling

This is basically what is played.  Except they tune down a half step. 
 The other stuff about this song, you can figure out by listening to 
it.  Thanks, seeya.
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