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U2 tabs

Seconds bass tab

U2: Seconds from War
transcribed by eric schaaf (

this song is probably tuned down a half-step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb) like the rest
of the album but can simply be played starting at the Db in standard tuning 

main bass line:


It takes a second to say goodbye,
Say goodbye.
It takes a second to say goodbye,
Say goodbye, say bye bye where are you going 
to now?

Lightning flashes acrosee the sky,
>From east to west you do or die.
Like a theif in the night 
You see the world by candlelight.

second bass line: play twice in each interlude 
then revert back to the main bass line


In an apartment on Times Square,
You can assemble them anywhere.
Held to ransom, hell to pay,
A revolution every day.
U.S.S.R., D.D.R., London, New York, Peking.
It's the puppets, it's the puppets who pull the 

(second bass line)

Say goodbye, say goodbye,
Say goodbye, say goodbye,

(excerpt from "soldier Girls")

It takes a second to say goodbye,
Push the button and pull the plug, say goodbye.

(second bass line)  

They're doing the atomic bomb,
Do they know where the dance comes from?
Yes they're doing the atomic bomb,
They want to sing along.
Say goodbye, say goodbye.
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