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U2 tabs

In God's Country guitar chords

In God's Country
tabbed by:  James Weber 

first bit is done with standard D Am chords
with 7th fret harmonics over it

then edge plays these two chords for D and Am:

   E  A  D  G  B  e
D= x  x  x 14 15 14
Am=x  x  x 14 13 12

but cuts out after 4 times through

then its just the bass and acoustic guitar (plus a bit of an 
overlayed electric playing D (barred at the 5th) and Am (also 
barred at the 5th)

on "Desert Rose..."  An electric comes in with this little riff


(timing is not exact with it)
repeated once or twice and stops at the chorus

after the chorus, for the short intstrumental, play the two D 
and Am chords up high (tabbed at the top) and cut out for the 

on "She is Liberty..." play the two high D and Am again in 
place of the standard chords (until chorus)

after this chorus, play this

D D Am (riff)       A---3-2-0-----
low E tuned down to D---------0---

(altho you dont HAVE
to play it like that.
just dont play the
last note...)

repeat above once and immediately play this solo

  (play through 4 times)

and once the verse starts again, jam on one of these two things

e--10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-9-10-10-10-10-10-10-14 (etc...)

or the two high D and Am chords

the last intensely high little bit is this


e==22-22-22-22-22-22-22 (again, timing not exact)

and slide down to end on a standard D (sounds cool if you slide 
the D up indefinitely at the end like Edge does...)

just listen to the album or rattle and hum version (the movie) 
to get the timing right...the solos don't sound quite right 
unless you play with a delay, but im sure you can figure 
something out...

In God's Country( U2 live version)-Transcribed by Richard Zangoli

I saw the transcription to this song on the Archive and could tell that most
of it was taken from the Joshua Tree songbook which is OK because the
transcriptions in that book are pretty good. Well, anyway I prefer playing
the live version that appears on the Rattle and Hum video which varies a
little from the album version. So anyway, here it is. I think this version
is tuned down half a step. 

Before playing the intro play some mute strings and sound some fifth and the
seventh fret harmonics or something like that.

The intro-
G--14--14--14--14---12--12--12--12---12--12--12--12--   play this a few times

The chord for the verses are D and Am and in the live version Edge plays
open chords 
and mutes them as well at different times. You might want to play around
with these 
chords as I think Edge does. For example, you could try-

The chords for the chorus are Em G D three times and then C G D. Just before
the solo 
this is played-
I wont tab the solo because its similar to the album version, so I think
it's already been put on the archive.
After the solo, when you go back to the final verse play the D and Am chords
again, but loudly this time and not muted at all. After playing them a few
times play something like-
B---15--15--15--15---13--13--13--13--13--12--12--12--13--13--13 --
G---14--14--14--14---12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--12--- play this a 
D--------------------------------------------------------------  couple of
Then finish off with the intro riff a few times. The final chord is a D. I
don't think that this last bit above is exactly how Edge plays it but its
seems sort of close and sounds quite good in any case. That should have all
the guitar parts. Enjoy.
Richard Zangoli (

In God's Country
-- ----- -------
tabbed by: Scott Yanoff,

	D          Am
	Desert Sky
                        D          Am
	Dream beneath a desert sky
  	                   D             Am
        The rivers run but soon run dry
  		          D      Am
	We need new dreams tonight

	Desert rose
	Dreamed I saw a desert rose
	Dress torn in ribbons and in bows
	Like a siren she calls to me

	Em           G      D    Em        G    D
	Sleep comes like a drug... In God's Country
	Em       G           D    Em        G    D  
	Sad eyes crooked crosses... In God's Country

	Set me alight
	We'll punch a hole right through the night
	Everyday the dreamers die
	To see what's on the other side

	She is Liberty
	And she comes to rescue me
	Hope faith, her vanity
	The greatest gift is gold

	Sleep comes like a drug... In God's Country
	Sad eyes crooked crosses... In God's Country

	Naked flame
	She stands with a naked flame
	I stand with the sons of Cain
	Burned by the fire of love
 	              D             Am
	Burned by the fire of love
 	              D             Am
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dmitry ivanov