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What Are We Doing Here? guitar chords

"What Are We Doing Here?"
John Entwistle (from the John Entwistle LP 'Smash Your Head Against the Wall')
Transcription by Ryan Vaughn

Chords used:
C		x30210
G		320003
D		xx0232
E		022100
F		133211
Eb		x65343
A (5th fr.)	577655
C (3rd fr.)	x35553
Bb		x13331
Dm		xx0231
Dm (no 3rd)	xx0230	
Em		022000

C           G      D
What are we doing here

        C        D        Em
Such a long way away from home

We've been away so long

Eb	                  A (5th fr.)	
Away so long, away from home

(Same as first verse)

So what are we doing here
In a place where we have no friends
All we can do is sit and cry
Let the time drag by and think of home

C (3rd fr.)        F
Home . . . what a day that will be

Bb                      Dm
The faces of people we love, that we'll see

        Bb                  Dm
The memories of what we had left will return

       Bb   C (3rd fr.)   Dm (no 3rd)     D
The present remains, the past is just born

And there's only twenty-five days

Six hours and ten minutes

       Em                          F
Till this'll all be five thousand miles away

Bb                         Dm
Whoops, there goes another day

Bb                  Dm (no 3rd)   D
I'm wishing my life away

(Repeat everything one more time, and there you have it!)
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