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We Close Tonight guitar chords

We Close Tonight
By The Who, 1973
>From Odds and Sods (reissue), 1998
Written by John Entwistle

transcribed by

G       3tx0033
Gmaj7   3x0032
(G^)    3^xxxxx
A5      x02255
Amaj7   x02224

|[drum intro]|    |  |  |D  Dsus4 D |   D D |D   Dsus4 D |   Dsus4 D |

|D           A          |D Dsus4   A |
 How can I explain how I feel?
          |A                        |G   A  D |
I'm like a little kid runnin' at her heel
     |G                       |Gmaj7              |D   Dsus4 D| Dsus4 D|
She's giving me looks like she thinks I'm a snappy dresser

How can I tell what I should plan?
I've never kissed a girl or held her hand
She's waiting for me to move, I got to impress her

 |A       D       |G          D    
I play guitar in a mainstream band
I got three red jackets and a Fender Jazz
I got Charlie Parker's autograph
   |A            D          |G     D      |       |       |          |
The girl I moved with's turn up on grass

She moved her seat next to mine 
But I'm just playing for time
I ain't got the guts to let her see the real me

My confidence eroded away
Overhearing what children say
So I'm trying to make myself seem more appealing

I know your man is in to playin' jazz bass
I tried that myself but I need more space
Like to soar and fly like the big Birdman
When I met him last week, he shook my hand

     |A                 |                     |A                |A  
Every lie I tell weaves another spell, another road that ends up blind
             |B                  |           
The Bird that shook my hand was a wanted man
           |B                |            |
I think you knew that all the time

 |E                B             |E  Esus4 B|
I came so close to having you for me
     |B                    |A  (G^) E |
But I lost you in the fantasy
    |A5         |Amaj7                    |E      Esus4 E |  Esus4 E |
I pretended to myself that you were mine already

You waited, but deep in your eyes
You were watching me so worldly wise
Then you changed the subject and talked about going steady

        |B           E            |A      E    
I've got two hundred records and a big hi-fi
I sit and listen to Ella and Basie all night
I play modern jazz of every variety
You could come and listen but we close tonight

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