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The Shout guitar chords

The Shout
By Pete Townshend, March 1984
>From Another Scoop, 1987
Written by Pete Townshend 1987 Towser Tunes Inc.

transcribed by

Open D tuning: DADADE (use caution when tuning up B string to D)

D      000002
Dadd9  000000
Dsus4  000003
A      002400
E/D    007900
Dii    005700
G/D    009 10 00

[approx main pattern; variations on below]

||:D   Dadd9 D|A     :||

    Ooh, ooh, I miss you, How I miss you

||:D                |A          |D          A  
    I remember lying by your side
    Up in the eerie waters of Paradise
    And one day you walked out
    Now all day I have nothing to do but shout, oh
    Oh, I've got to shout, oh
    Nothing left to do but shout, oh
    Nothing to do but shout

||:D   Dsus4 Dadd9 D|A   Dii E/D Dii :||

    And I want my voice to cut over mountains
    And I want my soul to gush up like fountains
    To where you reside (to where you reside, where you reside...)

[repeat main pattern and fade]

||:D   Dsus4 Dadd9 D|A   Dii E/D Dii :||

|Dii E/D Dii E/D |Dii E/D    | etc.

|Dii E/D Dii E/D Dii| G/D E/D | etc.

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