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Somebody Saved Me guitar tab

Somebody Saved Me
By Pete Townshend 
>From all the best cowboys have Chinese Eyes, 1982
Written by Pete Townshend 1982 Towser Tunes Inc./Eel Pie Publishing Ltd.

transcribed by

G6        (3)x0030
Cadd9      x3x030
Bm/A       x09777 and x04432
G6/A       x05430 and x09780
A6         x07675
Am7/G      3x2010
G          3x0033
G6/F#      2x0030
Em7        020030
D/A        x04230
A          x0 11 9 10 9
Aaad9      x0 11 9 12 9
E/A        x0999x
Gmaj7      xx5777
Gmaj9      xx5775
A(v)       x07655
E/A(iv)    x06454
E/A(iv)(no 3rd) x06450 
G(iii)     x05433
D/A        x04232
D/A(no3rd) x04230
Bm/D       xx0432

||:G6      |        :||
I stood at the door beside her
But she wouldn't let me pass
I was such a bore and I lied to her
I said I didn't really want her ass
  Bm(F#)           Em
I went away in the mud and rain
    Bm(F#)                Em
The gang became snide and laughed
Am                  Am7/G
I was slayed, but I smiled and the pain
  Fmaj7          (E  F)
Began to subside at last

    Bm                    D(A)
And when I got back to my hotel
  Bm                                D(A)
I wondered if the thunder meant I'd landed in hell
    G                  G6/F#m 
And on the forecourt I slipped and fell
  Em7                          G6/F#m
I cracked my stupid head and I heard a bell
           Esus4      E7  E
I thought, hey

         A6                    G6   D/A     
Somebody saved me, it happened again
         A6                       G6  D/A
Somebody saved me, I thank you my friend
         A6     E/A                       G6/A  Bm/A
Somebody saved me, from a fate worse than heaven
              G6                        (harm: g5 g7)
'Cause if I'd had her for just an hour
                       Esus4     E
I'd have wanted her forever
Somebody saved me

You would have thought that I'd have learned
Twenty years ago or more
A beautiful girl raised her mouth and yearned
But I didn't know what lips were for
I ran away in the mud and rain
The weather here is never too bright
She'd had an affray with her man and came
For solace and the means to fight

She finally bored with seducing me
And took up with some geezer from the Ealing scene
It nearly killed him like it would've killed me
When her original man snapped his fingers and she obeyed, she obeyed

[repeat chorus]

A                  Aadd9      E/A
I don't know about guardian angels
A                  Aadd9    E/A
All I know about's staying alive
Gmaj7               Gmaj9     
I can't shout about spritual labels
     Gmaj7               Gmaj9 
When little ones die and big ones thrive
E  E6....
All I know is that I've been making it
And there've been times that I didn't deserve to
Every show there's been more faking it
But right at the point of no return

Somebody saves me, again and again
Somebody saves me, I thank you my friend
Somebody saves me, from a fate worse than heaven
'Cause if I blew it for a single moment
I'd blow it forever
But somebody saves me

I took up the connection once
Made me feel quite aloof
I never could queue to collect my lunch
While I was pursuing the truth
So I left my folks in the mud and rain
It always rains in Sunnyside Road
I lived hippy jokes, getting stoned insane
'Til the rain looked just like snow

But there was a soul in whom I could depend
He worked himself crazy while I laid in bed
I never leaned on a person like I leaned right then
And when I finally woke up clean
My friend was dead, stone dead

Somebody saved me, it happened again
Somebody saved me, I thank you my friend
Somebody saved me, I ain't ready for heaven
'Cause if I'd seen you for a second I'd have wanted to see you forever
Somebody saved me

||: A(v) E(iv) E(iv) E(iv no3rd) | G(iii)  D/A D/A D/A(no3rd) :||

Somebody saved me


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