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Pretty Thing guitar chords

Pretty Thing
As performed by the High Numbers, 1964
>Unreleased, available on Live at the Marquee 1964/65
Written by Willie Dixon 1956 Hoochie Coochie Music
Originally performed by Bo Diddley, 1956

transcribed by

[Bo Diddley beat]
E... D E
    E          D E  |E     D E ...
You pretty thing
Let me buy you a wedding ring
Let me hear the choir sing
Oh, you pretty thing

You pretty thing
Let me walk you down the aisle
Darling, it's where our love is found
Oh, you pretty thing


Let me kiss you gentle
Squeeze and hold you tight
Let me give all my love
The rest of my life

Pretty thing
Let me dedicate my life
You'll always be my wife
Oh, you pretty thing

Look out! Hey...

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