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Odorono guitar chords

Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 14:57:30 -0400
Subject: TAB: Odorono By: WHO

By the Who
Written by Pete Townshend
>From The Who Sell Out, 1967

transcribed by

Db7-9: x4545x

  E7        E6        E-6 (E) E


She sang the best she'd ever sang
She couldn't ever sing any better
But Mr. Davidson never rang
She knew he would forget her
               B7    B7  B  B
She'd seen him there
    B7  B7  B  B    E     E  E Esus4   E E E
And put her self to ransom
He had stared
He really was quite handsome

She really looked her best
She couldn't ever look any better
But she knew she'd failed the test
She knew he would forget her

   E B             B   E   FTriumphant was the way she felt
         G          D     A
As she acknowledged the applause

   E B             B   E   FTriumphant was the way she felt

         Em             Bm            Db7-9    B
When she saw him at the dressing room door

She was as happier than she'd ever been
As he praised her for her grace 
But his expression changed, she had seen
As he leant to kiss her face

It ended there
He claimed a late appointment
She quickly turned
To hide her disappointment

She ripped her glittering gown
Couldn't face another show, no
Her deodorant had let her down
She should've used Odorono

Odorono, could've saved her day
Could've helped her to get the part
Odorono, and he would have stayed
Could have helped to save her heart
Save her heart

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