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Now And Then guitar tab

Now and Then
By Pete Townshend 
>From Psychoderelict, 1993
Written by Pete Townshend 1993 Towser Tunes Inc./Eel Pie Publishing Ltd.

Previous transcription by: Brad Goldman ( 
                           slight revision by Gary L
revised by     and

Capo on 3

C       x3558(8) (intro; keyboard)
Csus4   x3356x (intro; keyboard)
C       x3555x and x35588
F/C     x3 10 10 10 x (chorus)
G/C     x39783
F/C     x33565 and x3756x (verse)
Fadd9/C x37563 (verse, bridge)
Eb/Bb   66888x or 6Tx8886

[keyboard intro]
||: C      |Csus4    :||
| C                  | Csus4                  |
|[bass]                                       |

| C                  | Csus4                  |

||: C     | Fadd9/C  | C       | Fadd9/C  :||

  Now and then you see a soul and you fall in love
You can't do a thing about it

C                            F/C 
 In you I saw someone that I recognized
C                             F/C 
 Had no idea what was in your mind
C                          F/C 
 I met your eyes and I was hypnotized
C                         Fadd9/C
 I let our lives become entwined

[repeat chorus]

I feel so badly, darlin', all the time
I have tortured you so long
But I am helpless in this pantomime
I am aware that I was wrong

[repeat chorus]

|C      |Fadd9/C |G/C    |Fadd9/C |Eb/Bb       |Eb/Bb        |

But though you knew that I was twice your age
To make you laugh seemed 'youth' enough
I thought we'd love and then you'd turn the page
I'd have to suffer your rebuff

And it was me who had the most to gain
Despite the fact that I now had lost
The only love that ever caused me pain
I feel like a double head was tossed

C                                       F/C
 Now and then you see your soul and you fall in love

[repeat chorus]


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