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The_who tabs

Medac guitar tab

by the Who
from The Who Sell Out
Written by John Entwistle

transcribed by

D     F#m         G      Bb
Henry Pond had no fun

      G           A       D    A
Has a face like a currant bun
     D  C       G/B    Em/G
This adolescent little fella'
    A         Em/B   A/C#        D
Was nicknamed by his friends old yella'

The doctors gave him creams and lotions
To try to soothe the boy's emotions

    D   C           G/B  Em/G
But all in vain the acne stayed

A       Em/B    A/C#   D
Henry's hopes began to fade

D         Em    F#m     G
Then when just about to crack

   G      Em     (A/C#m) F#
He found another cream, Medac

When Henry in the mirror peered
His pimples all had disappeared

D     Em          F#m      G
Henry laughed and yelled I got 'em

   G       Em     A      D
Me face is like a baby's bottom

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