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Mary Jane guitar chords

Mary Jane
By Pete Townshend
>From Happy Birthday, 1970
Words by Michael Westlake; music by Pete Townshend 
  1970 Meher Baba Association Ltd.

transcribed by

[Note: patterns are approximate]

Capo on 3

F         xx3565          C#        46664
Fadd9     xx3563          C#add9    4686
F6add9    xx3763          Ab        466544
C         x35553          B         799877
Dm        x57765          F#/C#     9 9 11 11 11 x
D         x5777x          C#        x9 11 11 11 x
G/B      (7)55433
G         355433
A         577655

[intro; main pattern]
||:F       |Fsus2  F6sus2:||

J'ai Baba, folks

[verse; with main pattern]
Mary Jane, you've been a good friend to me
You showed me there's a different way to be
    C                Dm           Dm      C        G/B
But now has come the time to move further down the line
   D                G              A       
So get your tainted fingers off of me

F [repeat intro]

Mary Jane, you've promised me so much
My soul has been used to your touch
For everything you gave I then became your slave
Mary Jane, please take your hands off of me - This minute!

There are millions out there waiting for your charms
So proud Mary, go and take them in your arms
And through your lovely eyes
They'll see a new sunrise
But will they see things as they are?

C#   C#add9
You've taken me on one fantastic ride
You've seen how I fail when I try
  Ab                              C#      B    F#/C#
I think that now and then I could take to you again
             C#          F#     Ab
But now I've got someone else inside

Mary Jane, there are things that I've been told
By a man who is very very old
He says it's up to me and if I cannot see
Your silver will give way to His gold

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