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Little Billy guitar chords

Little Billy
By the Who, 1968
>From Odds & Sods, 1974
Written by Pete Townshend 1968 Fabulous Music Ltd.

transcribed by

Gtr 1: Electric - Capo on 3; 'dropped D' tuning: DADGBE (FCFBbDG w/capo)
Gtr 2: Acoustic - Standard tuning

       (electric)           (acoustic)
C7      x35353               x32013
F6/9    x37533               xx3233
Fm6/9   x36533               xx3133
C       x35553               x32013
G/B     555xxx and xx5433    x20003
F       3335(6)x             1(t)33211
G       555433               3x0033
D       x5777x               x00232

||:C7   |F6/9  |Fm6/9  |C    :||

      |C7                   |F6/9
Little Billy was the fattest kid in his class
|Fm6/9             |C
 Always the last in line
       |C7                     |F6/9
All the other little kids would laugh at him
         |Fm6/9         |C     
Said he'd die before his time

G/B C5 G/B|C   G/B C  G/B|F         |G           |C     G/B C G/B|C 
Ha  ha ha  ha, Ha  ha ha  ha, Little Billy didn't mind

Most of the kids smoked cigarettes
Just to prove that they were cool
The teacher didn't know about the children's games
And Billy always followed the rules

[repeat chorus]

|D                   |                      |                 |C
 Billy was big on the outside and there's an even bigger man inside
   |D                      |             |                   |C    |D |
Ten million cigarettes burn every day and Billy's still doing fine

Now, Billy and his classmates are middle-aged
With children of their own
Their smoking game's a reality now 
And cancer's seed is sown 

[repeat chorus]

Most of them smoke maybe 40 a day
A habit Billy doesn't share 
One by one they're passing away 
Leaving orphans to Billy's care

[repeat chorus]
Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha, Little Billy doesn't mind
Ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha, Little Billy's doing fine 


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