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The_who tabs

Jaguar guitar chords

By The Who, 1967
>Appears on 30 Yrs of Maximum R&B box set and remastered Who Sell Out
Written by Pete Townshend

transcribed by

B/A   x0444x
G/D   xx0787
D/C   x30230
G6/B  x20030
E/F   122100
Dv    xx0775

|D       |A         |D         |A         |

||:A/A/A/A A     |G/D Dv   :||A/A/A/A A    |

|A    |Bb   |C    |     |
 Grace space race

|A E    ||:B/B/B/B B    |A E    :||B/B/B/B B   |

|B       |B/A       |B        |B/A      |B     |A    |B   |A/A/A/A A | |

|D                      |             |
 Everything they've seen you have seen 
|                       |D/C           |
 Everywhere they've been you have been
                                          [2/4      ]
|D/C                    |                 |G6/B   A |D       |
 Everything they've done you have been and done already

Every lovely spot near or far, you can reach them too in your car
Or you might be there now if you own a Jag already

|F#     |C#      |F#      |C#     |

   |F#                 |C#                  
The radio blasting, the girls are glancing
   |F#                   C#      |E          |          |
The dash is dancing with gleaming dials

||:A E   |E/E/E/E E  :||

|E    |E/F  |G
 Grace space pace
Grace space race

||:G/D Dv|A/A/A/A A   :||

G/D Dv |A|G/D Dv |A|G/D Dv |A|G   A|D
Ja--guar, ja--guar, ja--guar, jag-u-ar

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