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I Like Nightmares guitar chords

I Like Nightmares
By The Who
>From Face Dances (1997 reissue), 1981
Written by Pete Townshend 1981 Towser Tunes

transcribed by

A     x022xx and x02220 and x02255        
Bm    x244xx and x24432           D/F#  2x0232  
G     3x0033                      Dsus4 xx0233
A7    x05050                      C     x32010
A6    x04230                      Am    x02210
E5    02xxxx                      D/A   x0423x
F#m5  244(3)xx                    E     022100

|A     Bm G|A      Bm G|A     Bm G|A     A   |

      |A         A7 A6 A
I like nightmares
            |A       A7 A6 A
I like being witless
           |A         A7 A6 A
One for the news flash
       |A       A7 A6 A
Cool eyewitness

      |E5          F#m5 Bm     G          |D         Dsus4 D
Eighty-one, eighty-two, eighty-three, it's happening
Gotta be a fucking fool to blame TV
         |D          Dsus4 D
Don't get trapped in
         |Bm                    G
If you're lucky, be the same as me
      |A      A7 A6 A
I like nightmares
      |A    A7 A6 A
Yes, I do

         |D             G               |D
There's a simple way to die they call it news
         |D             G               |A      D/A A
There's a simple way to fly they call it booze
          |G            F                   |G
There's an easy quiet escape, just sleep and cruise
    |G           F                 |A        A   |
It's justifiable rape, they say you choose

And I like nightmares
I like feeling cheekless [?]
Lifting up my lighter [?]
Watching life with west [?]

'81, '82, '83, it's happening 
Can we afford strike three
Don't trust the captain
He's just a boy like me
And I like nightmares, yes, I do

There's a common way to weep, they say just smoke
You can cry yourself to sleep, they say just toke
There's a path that never fails, you can't get lost
Don't need roads, you're on rails, I'll pay the cost

And I like nightmares, yes, I do

       |G                  C           |D
We were wasted, but you're only waylaid once
       |G            C                 |G
What we tasted was a voucher, pay their lunch
               |C                       G
We robbed their banks and we took their gold
       |Am                       Bm
And our lies in the tank must've sounded old
      |A         D/A |A
But we pleaded

               |G              C            |D       E          |A    A
I said, "You're honor were not chumps, after all, we only did it once."

We like nightmares
We taste our fitness
All kind of goulash
A taint in the midwest

'81, '82, '83, it's happening 
Nothing votes interest free
Don't care what it's wrapped in
You can be abreast like me
          |A        A7 A6 A
And I like nightmares
      |A   A7 A6 A
Yes, I do
Bm G  |A           Bm G |A      A  ||
I like nightmares


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