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Had Enough guitar tab

Had Enough
By The Who
>From Who Are You, 1978
Written by John Entwistle 1978 Hot Red Music Inc.

transcribed by

Capo on 3

C              x35553                     F       xx3565
C5             x35588 and x355xx          Dm      xx7765
Cm7 (or Eb/C)  x35343                     Bb      6x3366
G/C            x35433                     Gm      355333
F/C            x33565; x33568 and x3756x  
D              x5777x                     Cm7     x35343
C/D            x5555x                     C/F     xx3553
Em/D           xx9987                     Bb/F    xx3366
Am/G           37755x                     Eb/F    x65346
G              355433                     Ab/F    4t66544 or xx10 898
C/G            335553                     Eb/G    (3)65346 or x 10 888x
Dm/C           x37765                     Bb/D    x(5)3366 or x5333x
F/E            x(7)7565                   Bb/C    (6)33366
E              x(7)6454                   

[intro; synth arr for guitar]
|C   G/C C |Cm7 F/C |C  G/C C |Eb/C Bb |C  G/C C |Eb/C  Bb |F/C   |   |

|C   G/C C |Cm7 F/C |C  G/C C |Eb/C Bb |C  G/C C |Eb/C  Bb |F/C   |   |
|[guitar]                                                             |
|C5        |        |C5       |        |C5       |         |F/C   |   |

[verse pattern; chords in () are synth and acoustic]
    |C   (G/C) (C)|F/C   C     |
I've had enough of bein' nice
|C           (G/C) (C)|Bb        F/C     |
    I've had enough of right and wrong
|C           (G/C) (C)|Eb/C      Bb     |F/C      |
    I've had enough of tryin' to love my brother,   ooh

I've had enough of bein' good
And doin' everything like I'm told I should
If you need a lover you'd better find another

|D    C/D |Em/D D  |Am/G G    |   C/G  G  |
 Life is   for  the liv- ing,  ooh yeah

|Dm/C C    |Em/D D   |F/E E  |      |
 Ta-  kers  ne-  ver  giv-ing

Suspicion takes the place of trust
My love is turning into lust
If you get on the wrong side of me you better run for cover

I've had enough of bein' trodden on
My passive days are gonna be long gone
If you slap one cheek, well, I ain't gonna turn the other

Life is for the living
Takers never giving

|F  |Dm     |Bb|G  |F |Dm    |G      |Gsus4 G    |
     Fooling no one    but ourselves
|F  |Dm     |Bb|Gm     |
     Good is dying

|Cm7                |        |
 Here comes the end
|C                        |        |
 Here comes the end of the world

[string sec; arr for guitar]                                           2
||:F (C/F)(F)|Bb/F  F |F (C/F)(F)|Eb/F Bb|F (C/F)(F)|Ab/F  Eb/F|Bb/F :||

[horn sec; arr for guitar]
|F   Ab/F|Eb/F Bb/F |F Ab Eb/G Bb/D |F  |F Ab/F |Eb/F Bb/F |F   |   |

|Bb/C Eb/C |F/C F |Bb/C Eb/C F/C | |Bb/C Eb/C |F/C F/C |F/C  | |F/C |  |
 Ooh...                                        Ahh...

I'm gettin' sick of this universe
Ain't gonna get better; it's gonna get worse
And the world's gonna sink with the weight of the human race

Hate and fear in every face
I'm gettin' ready and I've packed my case
If you find somewhere better, can you save my place?

|Bb/C Eb/C|F/C F |Bb/C Eb/C|F/C    |
 Fool-ing  no one but  our--selves
|Bb/C Eb/C|F/C     |
 Love is   dying

|F                 |           |
 Here comes the end
|F                 |      |C
 Here comes the end of the world

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