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Guitar And Pen guitar chords

GUITAR and PEN  words and music P.Townshend
Only chords names for this one and quite a few are for keyboards.

Ab                 Eb7       Ab                        Eb7
You're alone above the street somewhere
Ab                        Eb7         Ab               Eb7
wondrin' how you'll ever count out there
G                  C          D      C         G
You can walk you can talk you can fight
               C             D                  G
but inside you've got something to write
                   C           D      C     G
in your hand you hold your only friend
                  C          D              G
never spend your guitar or your pen
C          D  C         G
your guitar or your pen
C          A              G
your guitar or your pen
C          D  C         G
your guitar or your pen
       D                   G
your guitar or your pen

[verse 1]
D             G                            G/A
When you take up a pencil and sharpen it up
                  G/B                                G/C
when you're kicking the fence and still nothing will budge
                    G/D                       G/E
when the words are immobile until you sit down
        G/F                                             C/G
never feel they're worth keeping they're not easily found
             C/A                                       C/B
then you know in some strange unexplainable way
               C                           C/D         C/D
you must really have something jumping thumping fighting
                 D7                G         G G C D
hiding away important to say

G G C D C G G C D [twice]

[verse 2]
When you sing thru the verse and you end in a scream
and you swear and you curse 'cos the rhyming ain't clean
but it suddenly comes after years of delay
you pick up your guitar you can suddenly play
when your fingers are bleeding the knuckles are white
then you can be sure you can open the door get up off the floor
tonight you have something to write

D                                G/D                   G/D   D
When you want to complain there's no one to stop you
G                             D/G                      C/G  D
when your music proclaims there's no one can top you
Eb11                       Eb11              Eb/Ab Ab Eb/Ab Ab
you are wearing your heart on your jumping feet
Ebmsus4/Gb                                    Db/Eb Eb Eb11 Eb
You've got a head start away from the street
Fm                                D
but is that what you want to be rich and be gone
Gm/Bb    Gm           Ebma7    C11        Dsus4/A
could be there's just one thing left in the end
D7/A                       G   G C D C G G C D
your guitar and your pen

G G C D C G G C D [x3]

[verse 3]
When you sing to your mum and you hum and you croon
and she says that she'd like it 'with more of a tune'
and you smash your guitar at the end of the bed
when you stick it together start writing again
then you know that it won't be too long till you're back
to bring her some money she's calling you honey
stashed in a bloody great sack in your Cadillac

[Then back to opening part of song then the 'guitar and your pen' bit is done
5 times before finishing with...]
 G                                          D
never spend your guitar or your pen

[then piano]
G Eb7 D G Eb7 D G D G D G

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