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Glow Girl guitar tab

Glow Girl
By The Who 
>From Odds and Sods, 1974
Written by Pete Townshend, 1968; 1974 Fabulous Music Ltd.

transcribed by

Capo on 2

B          x24442            A(no3rd)   5x2255 
B5         x244xx            Abm7       4x4444
Bsus2      x24422            Bbm7       6x6666
Bsus4      x24452            BII        799(8)xx
B7/A      (5)x4242           AII        577(6)xx
B7sus2/A  (5)x4222           G          355(4)xx
B7sus4/A  (5)x4252           Ab5        (5)x2245
F#         244(322)          A/E        xx2255
B/A        5x44(4)x          E/B        x(2)2454

[intro and verse]
|B  B2 B Bsus4|B  B2 B Bsus4|B7/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|F#  A     |
                            [Note: B7/A riff, A bass implied by bass]

|B B2 B Bsus4   |B B2 B Bsus4|
 Separates   and lingerie,    
|B7/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|B7/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|
 Seven pairs of              shoes
|B B2 B Bsus4       |B B2 B Bsus4|B/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|F#  A     |
 Lots of Woolworth's makeup,    a pair of black watch        trews

    |B5           |         |B/A        |A      
Your out-of-tune piano, sentimental photographs
 |B5            |           |B/A           |F#  A
A million little memories, a million little laughs

   |F#   Abm7  |Bbm7 BII      |AII  G        |F#     
The wing on the aero-plane has just caught on fire

 |F#  Abm7        |Bbm7 BII |A                  |E  |F#     |      |
I say without reserva---tion we ain't getting no higher

|B B2 B Bsus4  |B B2 B Bsus4|
 All you wanted from me,     
|B7/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|A5 Ab5 A A5   |
 All I had to                give

|B B2 B Bsus4   |B B2 B Bsus4       |B/A B7sus2/A B7/A B7sus4/A|F#  A  |
 Nothing matters you'll see, when in Paradise you               live

The plane is diving faster, we're getting near the ground
Nobody is screaming, no one makes a sound

['pop-art' plane crash]
||:F# (E) (F#)  |[pick slide] :||5

||:B        |A/E  E/B    :||
|[bass riff]               |

    ||:B         |A/E     E/B |B     |A/E   E/B  :||
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl 
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl (Mrs. Walker)
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl (Mrs. Walker)
      |B         |A/E     E/B   |B5 B/A  B5    B/A|
It's a girl, Mrs. Walker, it's a girl.

|B5  B/A  B5    B/A|B5 B/A  B5 F# A |B5

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