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Early Morning Dreams guitar chords

Early Morning Dreams
by Pete Townshend
>from Psychoderelict, 1993 (music only version)
Written by Pete Townshend, 1993 Eel Pie Publishing Ltd./Towser Tunes Inc.

Transcribed by Brad Goldman
Brad Goldman
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You are safe from harm on the Grid, you are safe from harm.

G                        Am
This is the dream that I wake up dreaming
G                     Fadd9
Lovin' my lover under dawn-pink skies
  G                     Am
A perfect design that I wake up scheming.
G                          Fadd9   |     |Am/F   G/F |Fadd9    
What I recall when I first open my eyes

|C   G  |Am Bm/F#|C#m/Ab Dm/A|Eb/Bb F/C|Dm  F/D|Bbmaj7/D F/D |Eb/G |G |
 Bow bow...                             bow bow...            bow   bow

G                            Am
This is the tune that you're always hearing
G                                Fadd9
What you'll remember when you've broken the ties
      G                       Am
We're dancing together as the sun is appearing
 G                   Fadd9      G
Again and again you awake in surprise.

|D   A  |Bm C#m/G#|Ebm/Bb Em/B|F/C G/D|Em  G/E |Cmaj7/E G/E|F/A  |A  |
 Bow bow...                            bow bow...           bow   bow

||:E    B       |E   B    :||

Early morning dreams...
(Early morning dreams are the best kind of dreams)

A           Bm          Bm      A   
You feel so tender, you feel so wet
    Bm             F#m/A       G
You feel so secure, so deep in love and yet
Bm             A                   Bm  A     Bm      A
The feeling is fleeting.  You're a fugitive, safe at last
Bm              F#m/A
  Your heart is beating
    |G     G6      |G      G6     |G    G6    |G          |
Will you relive the recent past? 

(As verse 1 and 2, shifted up a full step.  So A, Bm, A, G)
A                          Bm
This is the dream that you wake up dreaming
A                      Gadd9
Twisting alone through own wild cries
A                        Bm
This is the joy that you wake up screaming
A                                  Gadd9           
Never felt harder, never felt such highs... highs... highs!

D       A      |Bm          C#m/G#
  Early morning dreams come true
     Ebm/Bb    Em/B        |F/C       G/D
I've proved it now that I'm here with you
       Em         G/E      |Cmaj7/E     G/E
You're here by my side, I'm siding with you
F/A             |A        ||:E       B |E    B :||
   Early morning dreams come true.

Early morning dreams...
This is the dream that you wake up dreaming...
Early morning dreams come true...
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