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Cousin Kevin, Model Child guitar tab

Cousin Kevin, Model Child
By The Who, 1969
Written by John Entwistle
>Appears on Odds and Sods (revised edition)

transcribed by

D5    xx02xx
D6    xx04xx
D7    xx05xx
G5    35xxxx
G6    37xxxx
G7    38xxxx
D     xx0232
C     x3555x and x32010
Asus4 x0223x
A     x0222x
A5    57xxxx and x02xxx
Fmaj7 xx3210

||:D5    D6    D7    D6 :||
                                                   [horn arr for gtr]
D5    D6      D7      D6     |D5    D6   D7    D6  |D5  D6  D7  D6| % |
I got up this morning and did fifty-five press-ups, dad

I brushed my teeth since breakfast and I threw away my Playboy, that's bad!

   |G5        G6     G5        G6|
The Ferrari's in the garage and I 

|G5     G6      G5   G6 |G5   G6  G5 G6  |G5   G6  G5 G6   |
 Gave it a wash just for you                            (But)

   |D                                  |C             |Asus4  |
But please don't make me come to the theatre it's so uncool

|Asus4/A Asus4/A    |

I'll babysit my cousin and I promise not to tease him, oh no
I'll caress his little haircut and do everything to please him, oh
I'll watch him like a hawker and in case a fit should seize him
But please don't make me come to the theatre, it's so grim

|G5        A5   |D      D6/D5   D6/D5 D
 Kevin's a model child
|G5        A5     |D    D6/D5 D6/D5 D
 Always as good as gold
|G5       A5   |D     D6/D5  D6/D5 D
 Kevin is never wild
|G5          A5     |Fmaj7
 Always does as he's told


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