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Cousin Kevin guitar tab

Cousin Kevin
By The Who  
>From Tommy, 1969
Written by John Entwistle

Previous transcription by:
Mike ( -- original compilation on Nevada
transcribed by

[Note: Two guitars, one playing the descending riff (tabbed) 
and the other strumming chords, listed below.]

Ab7sus4    xx 11 11 9 (9)
Db         xx 11 10 9 (9)
G7sus4     xx 10 10 8 x
C          xx 10 9 8 (8)
F#7sus4    xx997x
B          xx987(7)
F7sus4     xxx 10 11 11 (first verse) xx886x (second verse)
Bb         xxx 10 11 10 (first verse) xx8766 (second verse)
E7sus4     xxx 9 10 10  (first verse) xx775x (second verse)
A          xxx 9 10 9   (first verse) xx7655 (second verse)
Ab7        xx 10 11 9 x (second verse)
G7         xx 9 10 8 x  (second verse)
F#7        xx897x       (second verse)
F7         xx796x       (second verse)
E7         xx685x       (second verse)

   Ab7sus4           Db               

   Ab7sus4           Db

         We're on our ooooooooown      
    Db                Ab7sus4          
d |---6---6---6---6-|---6---6---6---6-|
a |-8---8---8---8---|-9---9---9---9---|

   Db                Ab7sus4           Db                
   Cousin.    All al-ooooooone,        Cousin      Let's 

   G7sus4             C                 G7sus4
   think of a game to play      now the grown ups have all gone

   C                 F#7sus4               
   away.         You won't be much fun being

   B                            F#7sus4             B                
   blind deaf and dumb but I've no-one to play with today.     Do you

   F7sus4                     Bb                F7sus4
   know how to play 'hide and seek'?    To find me it would take you a

   Bb                E7sus4                     
   week.        But tied to that chair you won't

   A                       E7sus4              A
   go anywhere.  There's a lot I can do with a freak.

F            |Dm       |F            |Db      |
How would you feel if I turned on the bath
Bb              |C        |Db        |        |
Ducked your head under and started to laugh?
F             |Dm     |F          |Db   
What would you do if I shut you outside
  |Bb          |C             |Db         |Dm  |C  |Db    
To stand in the rain and catch cold so you die--ie--ied?

       |F (E)  Eb (D) |Db         |F   (E)  Eb (D) |Db
I'm the schoo--oo--ool bully.  The cla--ass roo-oom cheat.
   |F (E)   Eb(D)|Db            |F (E) Eb (D)   |Db
The na-aa-astiest playfriend you ev----er  could meet.
          |F  (E)  Eb(D)  |Db         |F   (E)  Eb (D)  |Db  
I'll stick pi--ins in your fingers and tre--ead on  your feet.

[repeat INTRO]
     | Ab7sus4  | Db      | Ab7sus4 | Db     

[second VERSE]
             Ab7sus4 Db
We're on our own,    cousin
      Ab7  Db
All alone, cousin 
      G7sus4             C
Let's think of a game to play
        G7                      C
Now the grown-ups have all gone away
    F#7sus4                 B           
You won't be much fun being blind, deaf and dumb
         F#7                 B
But I've no one to play with today.
       F7sus4                    Bb
Do you know how to play hide-and-seek?
        F7                     Bb
To find me it would take you a week
    E7sus4                       A
But tied to that chair you won't go anywhere
          E7                  A
There's a lot I can do with a freak

[repeat CHORUS]
Maybe a cigarette burn on your arm
Would change your expression to one of alarm.
I'll drag you around by a lock of your hair
Or give you a push at the top of the sta-aa-airs.
I'm the scho--oo--ool bully.  The cla--asro-oom cheat.
The na--asti--iest playfriend you ev----er could meet.
I'll put gla--ass in your dinner and spi--ikes in your seat.

[repeat INTRO]
| Db     | Ab7sus4  | Db      | Ab7sus4 | Db

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