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Come To Mama guitar chords

Come To Mama
Written and recorded by Pete Townshend
>From White City - A Novel, 1985
1985 Eel Pie Publishing Ltd.

transcribed by

Asus4   5x7755
A5      x02255
A       x02220
D       xx0232
G       3x0033
Bm      x24432
F#m     244222
A7      x05250
D/A     x04230

[intro; synth and guitar]

|Asus4     |      |      |      |
||:D  G  A |Asus4  |D  G  A |Asus4  |A  D  |Asus4  |A  D  |Asus4  :||

|D  A  G  |Asus4  |D  A  G  |Asus4   |

[double time]                   x6
||:A5  |   G D |A5    |    G D :|| 

   |G              |       Bm    |D                  |     F#m    |
His pride is like a bandage (He's wrapped in a warm cocoon)
His pride is just like Heroin (He's back inside the womb)
His pride is like an Ocean (Encircled by a reef)
   |G                  |     Bm    |D          |         |
His pride's an hypnotic potion (His memory is a leaf)

||:A5  D/A  |A7  D/A :||x4

   |G                 |    Bm |D              |      F#m    |
Her pride is like an armour (A flaming ring of fire)
Her pride is like a blindness (An ever-tightening wire)
Her pride is like a razor (The Surgeon's purging knife)
   |G              |     Bm      |D                   |         |
Her pride is like a censor (She's slashed out half her life)

||:A5  D/A  |A7  D/A :||x17

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