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Someday Soon guitar chords

Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 05:34:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Jason Signer 
Subject: TAB: Someday Soon by The Doors

Artist: The Doors
Song: Someday Soon
Album: Doors Box Set
Transcribed by: Jason Signer (

This is a great song that I first heard on a bootleg CD. Finger pick the chords until the A-E-G-D-E progression. That's where Robby plays the full chord. Just listen and follow along and this should come easy.

Tablature Explanation
b = half bend
r = release
\ = repeat chord

Am      F#m
Someday Soon
Am      F#m
Someday Soon
F#m      D           F#m              D
Familiar breeze will fill your living room
Am        F#m       Am     F#m
Rugs lash out their lizard tongues
F#m            D
You're getting young
F#m           G
youre getting young
A\ E\ G          D        E
      But you're going to die
           A           E       G   D       E
And you're going to be needing all of your lives

Follow the same format for the rest of the song.

The outro solo is something like this:


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