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Smashing Pumpkins tabs

Sweet Sweet guitar tab

SWEET SWEET:  This sad little ditty is simply a progression of 3 basic chords,
               G C and Em.  The song sounds OK like this, but G tuning makes it
               sound close to the Siamese Dream version.
                                                        --> E G D G B E <---
-=-=- |--------------------------------------------0---0--|r      play this
guitar|--12--12--12---12-10--8----8--8---8---------0---0--|e   string with your
  1   |---0---0---0---------------9--9---9----0----0---0--|p   thumb - its much
      |---0---0---0--------------10-10--10----2----2---2--|e   easier that
      |---0---0---0------------------0---0----4----4---4--|a          way
      |--10--------------------------8---8----0----0---0--|t    <------------

- or something like that anyway.  After 2 bars, guitar 2 comes in with the


 - guitar 2 continues arpeggiating this pattern throughout the whole song.

 Verse:  After the Intro, guitar 1 starts to strum the chords outlined above
 -=-=-      for the rest of the song.  After the 1st "and they all want you to
            change..", a 3rd guitar plays this in 3/4 time:

        |--0-------0-------0-----------   or something close to it anyway.

If you play this song differently let me know:  3EV1@Qucdn.QueensU.CA
                                                  (Van Vekris)
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