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Smashing Pumpkins tabs

Rotten Apples guitar tab

Song:    Rotten Apples
 Release: Tonight, tonight single, TAFH
 Artist:  The Smashing Pumpkins
 Author:  Roy Stevenson (
 Tuning:  standard



   E   F#m   D    G
e -2-  -2-  -2-  -3-
B -0-  -2-  -3-  -3-
G -1-  -2-  -2-  -0-
D -2-  -4-  -0-  -0-
A -2-  -4-  -X-  -2-
E -0-  -2-  (2)  -3-

you play the E,F#m, and D for the main part and then when it switches 
to the "and love her when....." you play the G need to 
figure out the exact lyric to chord timing and relationship on your own.
.....billy starts singing at different parts of the main theme to get
more mileage out of it.....the part where he sings "when will i see her
again..." is an example of where he sings a little bit later in the phrase.
..he also fingerpicks it and has a keyboard part.
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