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Smashing Pumpkins tabs

Honey Spider bass tab

Here's the tablature of a really cool song, Honey Spider. I think it's pretty close.
So here it is
                             Honey Spider
                            by Smashing Pumpkins

E ----5--5-5-------------------|     |----5------|
A -------------7-/-3--3-3-----|     |------------|
D --------------------------5---|     |-----------|
G ------------------------------|      |-----------|
       Many times    Then :    Honey Spider

E ----5--5-5---------------------|---5--5-5------------------|
A -------------7-/-3--3-3-------|------------7-/-2---3------|
D ---------------------------5----|-------------------------5--|
G --------------------------------|-----------------------------|
      That is it :)

                            If u have any comments or anything
                                        email me
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