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Slayer tabs

Read Between The Lies guitar tab

                         READ BETWEEN THE LIES 
                 From their fine album 'South of Heaven' 
Tabbed by: 
Since none of the riffs in this song venture into the two first strings, i 
will omit them. 
I didn't bother with designating palm muting.  I'm sure you can all tell 
when a note should be muted. 
I didn't even attempt to do the solo.  I'm sure the delay on Hanneman's 
guitar would drive me crazy if I tried to figure it out. 
As usual, guitars are tuned to Eb.  For interest's sake, Hanneman has the 
left stereo channel and King the right channel (also as usual). 
Time signatures change once or twice in this tune. Changes look like this: 
  |------|  For those of you who don't know, 9/8 is simply a normal 
  |9:----|  4-beat measure with an extra half-beat added to the end. 
  |8:----|  Listen to the song and you'll understand. 
  |-----|-/---|  This means 'repeat the last two measures' 
Generally one dash is a sixteenth note in length.  So ---- is one beat. 
Oh, and I've included the lyrics with each riff so you can scream along 
whilst you play.  Otherwise it's just not as annoying to people around 
Tempo 187 bpm 
Intro (Both Gtrs) 
                   /== 1..4 ==============================\ 
Gb  ||-------------|--------------------|------------------||-- 
Db  ||*-2:---------|4:------1-----1-----|-1-----1-----1---*||-- 
Ab  ||*-4:-2-3-6-5-|4:------1-----1-----|-1-----1-----1---*||-- 
Eb  ||-----0-1-4-3-|----0-0---0-0---0-0-|---0-0---0-0---0--||-- 
      /== 5 =====================================\ 
Gb  --|--------------------|----------------------| 
Db  --|4:------1-----1-----|9:--1-----1-----1-----| 
Ab  --|4:------1-----1-----|8:--1-----1-----1-----| 
Eb  --|----0-0---0-0---0-0-|------0-0---0-0---0-0-| 
Gb  |--Left Gtr----------|-----------------|------------|-/---------| 
Db  |4:------------------|-7-6-------6-5~--|----------*-|/----------| 
Ab  |4:--------7-8-----8-|---------7-------|-----------/|-*---------| 
Eb  |----0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------|----------/-|-----------| 
    |                    |                 |            |           | 
Gb  |--Right Gtr---------|-----------------|------------|-----------| 
Db  |4:------------------|-----------------|------------|-----------| 
Ab  |4:--2---------------|-----------------|2-----------|-----------| 
Eb  |----0-------24\\\\\\|\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|0-----------|-----------| 
Riff A1 
Gb  |-----------------|-----------------| 
Db  |-----------------|-7-6-------6-5~--| 
Ab  |-------7-8-----8-|---------7-------| 
Eb  |-0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------| 
Both Gtrs play Riff A1 4x with lyrics: 
  Evangelist you claim god speaks through you 
  Your restless mouth full of lies gains popularity 
  You care not for the old that suffer 
  When empty pockets cry from hunger 
Riff A2 
Gb  |--Left Gtr-------|-7-6-------6-5~--| 
Db  |-------7-8-----8-|---------7-------| 
Ab  |-----------------|-----------------| 
Eb  |-0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------| 
    |                 |                 | 
Gb  |--Right Gtr------|-----------------| 
Db  |-----------------|-7-6-------6-5~--| 
Ab  |-------7-8-----8-|---------7-------| 
Eb  |-0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------| 
Both Gtrs play Riff A2 4x: 
  Penniless from their generosity 
  Sharing their money to quench your greed 
  Searching for the answers to their prayers 
  The cry their last wish of need 
Riff B 
Gb  |-----------------|-----------------| 
Db  |-----------------|-----------------| 
Ab  |-6-------6-------|-6---------------| 
Eb  |-6---0-0-6---0-0-|-6---0-0-0-0-3/6-|  this slide should end at the 
                                           next |-6-| chord 
Both Gtrs play Riff B 4x:                       |-6-| 
  Save Me! 
Both Gtrs play Riff A1 again 4x: 
  His spirit lives and breathes in me 
  The almighty transformed to your screen 
  The meanings lost in its translation 
  No holy words describe his deception 
Riff A3 
Gb  |--Left Gtr-------|-----------------| 
Db  |-----------------|-7-6-------6-5~--| 
Ab  |-------7-8-----8-|---------7-------| 
Eb  |-0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------| 
    |                 |                 | 
Gb  |--Right Gtr------|-5-4-------4-3~--| 
Db  |-------5-6-----6-|---------5-------| 
Ab  |-----------------|-----------------| 
Eb  |-0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0---------| 
Both Gtrs play Riff A3 4x: 
  You say you'll help us find the lord 
  Tell me preacher how do you know 
  A simple quest for a simple savior 
  To lead us through our final prayer 
On the fourth repeat Right Gtr does a quick little slide 
into the chorus. 
Both Gtrs play Riff B 4x: 
  Save Me! 
Then Both Gtrs play Riff B again 4x: 
  Send your donations 
  Contribute to the cause 
  Your righteous reward? 
  Praise the lord, praise god 
  is what you wish to sell 
  There is no Heaven 
  Without a Hell 
Riff C1  (Careful with the rhythm) 
Now, while Hanneman solos: 
Right Gtr plays Riff C1 4x 
Riff C2  (moved up 1 note) 
Right Gtr plays Riff C2 2x 
Back to the verses: 
Both Gtrs play Riff C1 4x: 
  In your mind's eye could you  
  Truly believe 
  That by giving you can save your soul 
  Could you be so naive 
  You heal the sick 
  Raise the dead 
  You blind the congregation 
  With the things you say 
Both Gtrs play Riff C2: 
  Religious blackmail a deceit of trust 
  That death will come and all will be lost 
Both Gtrs play Riff C1 2x: 
  Can you hear the serpent's call 
  Look deep in those deceiving eyes 
  Ignore the writing on the wall 
  You should read between the lies. 
Then, Gtr 2 stays silent while Gtr 1 plays Riff A1 
Then both Gtrs play Riff A1 8x: 
  When doubt subsides his honesty 
  An inquiry, is it blasphemy? 
  Impure the soul, that's made to suffer 
  No sermons left to hide or cover 
  An empty promise, lie unfulfilled 
  To steal a dream or get it killed 
  They claim your trip to heavens nearby 
  You may believe it, but Satan wouldn't lie. 
Interlude (Both Gtrs)   /== 1 =============\/== 2 ======\ 
Gb  ||--------7---------|------------------||------------| 
Db  ||*---------8-----7-|-8-------7-------*||2:--8-------| 
Ab  ||*-----------------|---9-------8-7~--*||4:----9-----| 
Eb  ||--0-0-0-----0-0---|-----0-0----------||--------0-0-| 
After the quick interlude, simply repeat the intro.  The song ends just 
before going into the 5th ending. 
Wow, what a kickass song.  I have to go listen to it now. 
Another song that kicks ass that I've never seen a tab for is the next 
song on South of Heaven, 'Cleanse the Soul'.  I'll tab it up really soon. 
E-mail me with any concerns, questions, requests, corrections...
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