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Santana tabs

Hold On guitar chords

song: hold on
artist: santnana
album: Best of Santana
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Chords used:
     Gm    Dm    Eb    Cm    D     A#    Eb2   F      D/F#   Gm2

Gm            Dm           Eb
   Donít rush me just this once
          Cm        D      Gm
I want to make this moment last
              Dm	       Eb	 
Slow down the pace, thereís no hurry
  Cm        D       Gm         Dm
I canít let another pass by me again
       Eb            A#                D
Let me be the one to say when Iíve had enough

Just let me close my eyes, memorize
The way things are this minute
So when youíre gone I can go on
If memory can hold within it what Iím feeling
Should time try fading or stealing something away

     Eb2               F
Hold on, nothingís the same
	D/F#            Gm2   F
Tell me why I feel this way
Eb		       A#	      Dm      F  A#
Life wouldnít be worth living without you
     Eb2                   F
All along Iíve been the pretender
    D/F#               Gm2    F
But now thatís gone forever
Eb2           A#                Dm
Nobodyís ever loved me like you do
Nobodyís broken through

Got to concentrate, file away
Every last detail
Donít want to lost whatís going down
I want to remember everything I'm feeling
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