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Rush tabs

Oracle The Dream bass tab

Rush: Oracle: The Dream
>From the album 2112 (Mercury Records)
Copyright 1976 Core Music Publishing
Music by Lee and Lifeson
Lyrics by Peart

Comments/corrections to Sean Jones <>

Transcribed by Sean Jones

               q e e e e q

  Q e h   q e e e e e e   Q e h   q e e e e q   Q e Q s s   q e

e e e q   Q e q q    h+e e q   h+e e q   h+e e q   q^q^q^q q

Q q e q   Q q e q   Q q e q   q^q^q^q q       q q q       q e e

e e q   Q e h   q e e e e s s E   Q e Q s s   q e e e e e e   Q e

h   q e e e e s s E   Q e Q s s     q e e e e e e   Q e Q e   q

e e e e s s E   Q e Q e   h+e e q   Q+q e q   q e e+h+  w

==                    TABLATURE EXPLANATION                     ==

----------                            ----------
----5h8--- Hammeron                   ----(8)--- Ghost Note
----------                            ----------
----5p8--- Pulloff                    ----------

----------                            ----------
----5/8--- Slide Up                   -----x---- Dead Note
----------                            ----------
----5\8--- Slide Down                 ----------

----------                            ||------|| Repeat Start & End
----5~~~-- Vibrato                    ||*----*||
----------                            ||*----*||
----------                            ||------||

  w = whole note            W = dotted whole
  h = half note             H = dotted half
  q = quarter note          Q = dotted quarter
  e = eighth note           E = dotted eighth
  s = sixteenth note        S = dotted sixteenth
  ^ = triplet

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