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Rolling Stones tabs

The Worst guitar tab

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From: (campbell stephen a)

 Rolling Stones- The Worst

TES: sounds best on a 12 string acoustic; figure out the pedal steel
 stuff for yourself!  Play the F# on the low E with your thumb.
  G5 is played (from low to high) 3X0033
   I would appreciate it if someone would put the CRDs above the
    words for me; every time I try, the editor screws up the placement.
     (it probably won't print the CRD names above the tab in the
       right place, either)
	send comments to me, Steve Campbell (

	INTRO     (this part may be a little off;
	no guitar here)
	 D          A/D      D/F#           A Asus2 A
	 D-0(let ring)======--0---0----------2--2-2---2-----

	  D          A/D          E
	  D-0(let ring)======------2------

	  D   G5   D   Asus2   G/F#   G   A   E
	  D   G5   D   Asus2   G/F#   G   A

	  A E A  Asus2 A  A E A  G5

	  SOLO:  CRDs same as verse

	  Chorus (Extended):
	  A E A Asus2 A A E Asus2
	  A E A E A E A G5

	  Solo: same CRDs as verse

	  OUTRO: same CRDs as verse


	  I said from the first

	  I am the worst kind of guy

	  For you to be around

	  Tear me apart

	  Including this old heart

	  That is true

	  And will never ever let you down

	  You shouldn't stick with me

	  You trust me too much, you see

	  Take all the pain

	  It's yours anyway

	  Yeah, kid...

	  Oh, put the blame on me

	  You ought to pass, you see

	  somewhere outside

	  I threw love aside

	  And now its a tragedy

	  I said from the first

	  I am the worst kind of guy

	  For you to be around

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