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Rolling Stones tabs

Satisfaction guitar chords

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From: (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)
Subject: CRD: I Cant Get No Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

Here's what I got:

(I can't get no) Satisfaction     - Rolling Stones


D--------------------------------- over and over during verses
A-2--2~~---2-4-5~~----5-5^4-4^2--- ^ = pull off or slide

  I can't get no
  I can't get no
         E          B7
And I try, and I try,
         E          A
and I try, and I try.

(with riff)
        E       A
I cant get no
        E       A
I cant get no

          E            A
When Im driving in my car
          E                A
And that man comes on the radio
          E                   A
And he's tellin' me more and more
           E             A
about some useless information
             E            A
Supposed to fire my imagination
         E         A
I can't get no
Oh no no no
         E       A
hey hey hey
              E       A
thats what I say

When I'm watching my t.v.
And a man comes on and tells me
How white my shirts could be
But he cant be a man cos he doesnt smoke
The same cigarettes as me
I cant get no,
no no no.

When I'm riding 'round the world
And I'm doing this and I'm signing that
And Im trying to meet some girl
And tell me "Baby better come back maybe next week,
Cos you see I'm on a losin' streak"
I cant get no,
no no no.
hey hey hey

I cant get no.....


From: (   Junacko)

From: BRYAMI@morekypr

Subject: Re: I can't get no...satisfaction


          Undercover  -  The Rolling Stones Mailing List                 



     The fingering I usually use is (in standard tuning) the low 'E' string open

on the 2cd fret of the 'A' string.

For the F#, the index finger plays low 'E' string, 2cd fret while

the ring finger gets the 'A' string, 4th fret.

For the G, just move both fingers up one fret: index 'E' string, third fret

and  ring finger 'A' string, 5th fret.

     Since I am primarily a rhythm player, I use a simple strum pattern on the

chorus.  I usually strike the strike the chord and let it ring for seven

beats.  Then I strum four sixteenth notes and move on to the next chord.

I hope I'm clear on that...It's kind of hard to describe...

The tab you sent over the list helped me greatly...especially on "Paint

it Black".  I seem to have alot f trouble copying minor-key songs..

Thanks for the 'G' tuning tip.

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