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Tongue guitar chords

From: (Chris Bray)


Tab by : Trygve Sandven Haaland 

Capo on 1st fret => E = F, A=Bb etc.

E       A     E       A
call my name, here I come.
E      A       G#m
90 to nothing, watch me run. 

you call.
I am ashamed to say. 

ugly girls know their fate. 
anybody can get laid.
you want a room with a fire escape.
I want to tell you how much I hate this.

D          G      D             G
don't leave that stuff all over me.
D F#m  G   F#m  A
       It pains me

please just leave it. 
I should toss that vanity license plate. 
toss that make-up painted face.
box those poems, chocolate cake.
scratch that name on the record player.
please just leave me be.  
don't lay that stuff all over me.
it crawls all over. all over me. 

Chords over solo:	(Dsus2)? (A?) E A G F#m-A

call my name, here I come. 
your last ditch lay, will I never learn?
caramel turn on a dusty apology. 
it crawls all over me. 
you turn all over.  
it pains me.
please just leave it.
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dmitry ivanov