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The Lifting guitar chords

The Lifting (from Anna Wright -

Intro (and verse chords)
G///     Dm/// (x4)

Verse 1
G///         Dm///
Crowded. Friday and the 
G///         Dm///
night life. Scumpered and the 
G///         Dm///
gravity is holding you
G///         Dm///

Verse 2
Once settled. Into sleep
You have watched on repeat the story of your life across the 
Ceiling.  In review

Chorus 1
Am///            C///
You said the air was singing
Am///        C///                     Am///
Its calling you, you don't believe it
These things you've never seen

Verse 3
Good morning.  How are you
The weather's fine
The sky is blue
It's perfect for a seminar
Close your eyes and start to breathe
Allow yours eyes to recede
Allow yourself to drift and fly away
And you just stay

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
C/        Dm/            G/        Am/
Do you hear these voices calling?
C/        Dm/            G/        Am/
Do you hear these voices calling? 
C/        Dm/            G/        Am/
Do you hear these voices calling 
Em///   Em///

Verse 4
Locked into. The conference room
We're only what. our minds assume
And rational is leaving you
This concieved these systems
I believe your counsellor agrees
You always walked these boundaries
Now you're free
To make believe

Chorus 1(x2) .you've never dreamed

Never (x16ish)

Verse 5
Once you had a dream of oceans, sunken cities memories
Of things you've never known
You have never known
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