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Red Hot Chili Peppers tabs

Animal Bar guitar tab

Sorry I haven't worked out the solo, just thought I would get the rest out though.
I think this either has flange or phaser on it, tho im not quite sure


       D        G        A       G
e -----------------------------------|
B -----7--------12-------14------12--|
G -----7--------12-------14------12--|
D -----7--------12-------14------12--|
A -----5--------10-------12------10--|
E -----------------------------------|


"ah ah ah, the cry..."

      D       A       G       D

e ------------5-------3----------------|
B ----7-------5-------3-------7--------|
G ----7-------6-------4-------7--------|
D ----7-------7-------5-------7--------|
A ----5-------7-------5-------5--------|
E ------------5-------3----------------|


     Bm                  Em
          "ba ba da ba"
e ----2-------/----------7----|
B ----3-------/----------8----|
G ----4-------/----------9----|
D ----4-------/----------9----|
A ----2-------/----------7----|
E ------------/---------------|

Chorus fill

e ----2--------------------------------|
B ----3-----5b7 b7--5p3----3-----------|
G ----4-----------------4-----4--------|
D ----4--------------------------------|
A ----2--------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------|

e ----7---------------------------------|
B ----8----------10---------------------|
G ----9----9b11-------11rb9---7---------|
D ----9---------------------------------|
A ----7---------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------|

Sorry guys, but that's all I know of this song.
If you have any questions, get in touch.


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