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Ramones tabs

Venting (It's a Different World Today) guitar chords

Joey Ramone
"Don't Worry About Me"
Track 06

F#    D    E    F#
F#    D    E    F#
F#    D    E    F#
F#    D    E    F#
F#         D         E     F#
World out of control on the evening news
We're all screwed up and psychologically bruised
Kids killing kids make society pay
Just blow up your school and have a nice day
Reality today is much stranger than fiction
A sick, fucking world with a violent affliction
It really, really bugs me, and it really, really bugs me
Live your life to the fullest and fuck everything

 D         E             A   Asus4 (When played on fret XII) A
It's a different world today
I just don't understand
It's a different world today
And I just don't understand

F#         D          E      F#
Oh yeah

Does anything ever really get accomplished?
Does anything ever really get done?
Politicians talking through their assholes
Makes you really wanna go and kill someone


F#               A    D
F#               A    D    E


D        E       A     Asus4   A
I just donít understand
I just donít understand
I just donít understand
I just donít understand

Verse Chords

Sorry if this isn't perfect, but I was watching "Trainspotting" for like,
the millionth time and all of those Iggy Pop tunes were playing kinda loud.
I love that Lou Reed song in it, though.  You know--"Perfect Day."  I love
Lou Reed.  I'll send in the two remaining songs tomorrow, I think,
because it's four a.m., and I'm kinda hungry.  Have fun with these, eh?
Music is the greatest thing in the world, and these days, it's the only
thing that can make a difference.  Well--music and drugs, anyways.  And
I guess some movies.  And maybe TV.  Ah, the ramblings of a man who's
had too much exposure to all of the above.  Except the music.  You can
never have too much music.

I chose not to choose life. I chose something else. And the reasons?
     There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you've got heroin?
           --Mark Renton
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