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Ramones tabs

Take the Pain Away guitar chords

Take The Pain Away


D F Bb C  D F C

D      F   Bb C        D    F      C
I went out today for a walk in the rain
I was so sad and blue I could feel any pain
I was worried about everything My head began to howl
I'm running away from myself There's too may demon's around here now

chorus (played twice each time)
D    Bb C        D      Bb     C       D            Bb      C    Bb
Everybody  I don't know what to say I wish I could take the pain away

second verse

But hta can't happen everybody knows it's true
And if you have to know I'll never understand you
So if you have to go you better go now
Go off somewhere safe I hope you will somehow

repeat chorus

Bb F Bb C

repeat chorus

C  D
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