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Makin' Monsters for My Friends guitar chords

Makin Monsters For My Friends

intro:   Bb G  Bb G  Bb G  Bb G


C                    F F   C                      F F
Everybody said so man      you could see it on tv
They stood there ashamed   with no where to go
Nobody wants them now      the kids are alright
Everyday is a holiday      and pushin people around


F   C      Eb       G      C       F C
I'm making monsters for my friends
I'm making monsters for my friends

second verse

Someone caught one    I could see so myself
I had to call 254     so they wouldn't blame me
We wanted to know     how much trouble there was
When we asked our daddy     he said it was just because

repeat chorus

bridge        Bb  G       Bb G
              C Bb F C    C Bb F C
              C Bb F C    C Bb F C

third verse

I don't wanna open a can of worms      I don't want any Spaghetti O's
And I can always tell when             someone is holding a grudge

repeat chorus

repeat chorus

repeat intro
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