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Ramones tabs

Have a Nice Day guitar chords

Have A Nice Day

  A#                G           F       C         G
I heard it from the gangster I heard it from the priest
I heard it from my best friend way down in the middle east

F    G A#   C            D     C    D     C
Have a nice day that's all I hear everyday
Have a nice day, I don't believe a word you say

second verse
I heard it from the landlord when he kicked me out
I heard it from the spirits as they possessed my house

repeat chorus

C D# D C# (4X)

C           D#      F         C           D#    D
When they look me in the eye I turn the other way
It's just a trained reaction something they gotta say

third verse
I heard it in New Zealand I heard it at the club
I heard it from my doctor before he pulled the plug

chorus twice
chorus instrumental twice

outro G
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