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Ramones tabs

Apeman Hop guitar chords


[ A  C  F  G ] x2

A               C                F                G
He's go so many problems you can count them one by one
He's a filthy, stupid apeman he never has any fun
He lives in the jungle in a cave by a hill
Plays an old loud drum he's primitive, barely human

   A           G      A
   Ooohh-ooohh apeman hop
   Ooohh-ooohh apeman hop

Paint the face of a demon, glowing by the fire light
Hoppin' like an elephant thunderin' like me tonight
He's the world's worst recycler the iceman comes a lot
He's the devil's apprentice he's a prehistoric man

   Ooohh-ooohh apeman hop...

At night he's gonna sacrifice his beloved apeman girl
Tie her to the alter, pull out her heart and eat her flesh

   Ooohh-ooohh apeman hop...

   Ooohh-ooohh apeman hop...
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