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You Take My Breath Away guitar chords

You Take My Breath Away
Words and music by Freddie Mercury
Transcribed by Aladin Quatchiff ( and Pinter Denes 


-8----|-8------------------|----|--------------------- play twice

Cmi          8xx768         8xx88x

Look into my eyes and you'll see

(8xx10911)   Cmi (~intro)

I'm  the only one

        Bdim        Cmi

You've captured my love

Bdim        Cmi

Stolen my heart

Bb7         Eb

Changed my life

G#/Bb (6x654x)       6x633x 

Everytime you make a move 

               Eb/G (3x534x)

You destroy my mind

                Gbdim (2 x x 4 2-5 4 x)

And the way you touch


I lose control and shiver deep inside

                   Cm (~intro) 

You take my breath away.

You can reduce me to tears

With a single sigh

Every breath that you take -

Any sound that you make

Is a whisper in my ear

I could give up all  my life for just one kiss

I would surely die

If you dismiss me from your love

You take my breath away.

                Bb-Ab/Bb (6887xx - 6x654x)

So please don't go 

Don't leave me here all by myself


I get ever so lonely from time to time


I will find you

C                Fm/F-G-Ab

Anywhere you go, I'll be right behind you

4x646x                        Eb/G

Right until the ends of the earth

            (2 x 4 2-5 4 x)           1x314x

I'll get no sleep till I find you to tell you

         Fm7                 Cm (~intro)

That you just take my breath away.
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