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Barstool Blues guitar chords


SUBMITTED BY: Steve Nicholson

Kevin Goodsell ( suggested this
should be played with a capo at fret 2.
Then you should play: E as a D-shape, B as a A, A as a G, F#m7 as
a Em7. I think both versions sound ok, so you'll have to decide
for yourself.

E (x4)

B                                       F#m7           E
I could hold on to just one thought for long enough to know
B                                     F#m7            E
Why my mind is moving so fast and the conversation is slow
A                                                   E
Burn off all the fog and let the sun through to the snow
B                            A              E
Let me see your face again before I have to go.

I have seen you in the movies and in those magazines at night
I saw you on the barstool when you held that glass so tight
And I saw you in my nightmares, but I'll see you in my dreams
And I might live a thousand years before I know what that means

B  -  F#m7  E  -

Once there was a friend of mine who died a thousand deaths
His life was filled with parasites and countless idle threats
He trusted in a woman and on her he made his bets
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dmitry ivanov