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Muse tabs

Feeling Good guitar tab

feeling good by muse off the album origin of symetry

this is an ace song, not origionally by muse but i love their version 
of it. its dead easy to play, just power chords in drop d tuning. i 
just play the bottom two strings on this song but you can strum all 
three bottom strings if you like . so here goes my first submission of a tab.

different symbols which you probably know but ill say just in case;
p= pull off

h= hammer on

oh, thats all the symbols in the song. cor it is easy isnt it!!

right, first the bass plays this over and over on the d string;


then the chorus goes (over and over again)
   g    f    Eb   d   

then for "its a new dawn ...etc." bit its
   d    c    Bb   a         c           d

then theres the outro where he just slides up and down between 
d and a power chords while wailing i think but thats only from memory 
so if thats  wrong ill try and let you know. any way after sliding 
about theres  a crescendo on a c chord then it finishes on the 
bassline at the start of the tab

so i hope ive got that right. if not email me;
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