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Manic Street Preachers tabs

Yes guitar tab


Main riff : 

e -----------------------------------
B -----------------------------------
G -----------------------------------
D ------7-6-------4-6-4-6-(4)--------   brackets played second time
A --6-7-----6-4-6---------------(7)--
E -----------------------------------

This goes up an octave at the end of the third verse and can be played using the same
 pattern on the B and E strings, starting on B-4-.


           E    e

A       =  577655
G#m     =  466444
F#m     =  244222
E       =  022100
C#      =  x4666x
B       =  788977

A                               G#m            F#m   E      
In these plagued streets___of   pity   you can buy   anything, for 

C#                               G#m
200 anyone can conceive a god on video

A                       G#m         F#m        E        
He's a boy_______ you   want a girl so    tear off his cock

C#                                                      G#m
tie his hair in bunches, f---k him call him Rita if you want___

if you want


E        =  022100
F#m7     =  242222
G#m7     =  464444
A        =  577655
B        =  799877
C#m      =  xx6654

  E                     F#m7                      G#m7                           A                         B
I eat and I dress and I wash  and I still can say thank   you puking, shaking, sinking,  I still stand for old ladies

                      C#m                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 can't shout, can't scream, hurt myself to get pain out

^^^^ = play riff below 

E----0000000000000        etc

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