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Guns N Roses tabs

Back Off Bitch guitar chords

Back Off Bitch
Guns N' Roses
Use your Illusion I

Chords by:      John

E5, G5, A5, D5

Pre-chorus and chorus
E5, D5, C#/A5, D5

Chorus and post-chorus
G5, A5, E5

Here's a little help:

E5           G5
Making love, gone on a binge

A5           D5
I've lived, I said ....

E5   D5  C#/A5  D5
Back of back of bitch

E5      D5   C#/A5   D5
Time to burn, burn the witch

G5   A5           E5
Back oooooffffff, back of bitch

C#/A5 is basically a C# root note (4th fret, a string)
       with the seventh fret of the d string fretted also (a note)

The solo is like F# minor, but I'm not sure about the chords.

I hope this is easy to understand, because I'm pretty sure they're the
right chords.
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