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Green Day tabs

No Pride guitar tab

Date: Tues, July 6 1999
From: Peter Ferragine (
Group: Green Day
Album: Insomniac
Released: 1995 reprise records
Track: 5
Title: no pride





pre chorus





i'm just a mutt and nowhere is my home
where dignity's a land mine in the school of lost hope
i've panhandled for life because i'm not afraid to beg
hand me down your lost and founds of second hand regret
you better, swallow your pride or you're gonna choke on it
you better digest your values because they turn to shit
honor's gonna knock you down
before your chance to stand up and fight
i know i'm not the one i got no pride
sects of disconnection and traditions of lost faith
no culture's worth a stream of piss or a bullet in my face
to hell with unity separation's gonna kill us all
torn to shreds and disjointed before the final fall
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dmitry ivanov