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Green Day tabs

Minority guitar chords

Using powerchords...
C            F         G        F
I want to be the minority
C        F               G         F
I don't need your authority
Continue this pattern through the chorus...
C            G               F                   G
I pledge allegiance to the under world
C                 G                   F                    G
One nation underdog of which I stand alone
Continue this pattern through the verse...
A                    E       F       C
Stepped out of the light
A              E             F             G
Likewise she runs from the hood
Continue alternating these two riffs through the second verse...
That's about it!
If there are any lyrical mistakes, which I'm sure there are, it's not my fault as this was tabbed before the album came out.
Someone should probably do Billie's intro/outro riff.
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