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Green Day tabs

Longview guitar tab


"Longview" by Green Day

\ = slide down
r = quickly after striking, release

at the end of the verse at the drum roll, the guitar kicks in playing C#5.
 then the chorus is  A#5  G#5  and some sort of weird variation of D#5.  what
i have here for D#5 is only a guess.

C#5        A#5                                    G#5                D#(5)

the chorus ends like this:

A#5                                        G#5

the bridge is  D#5  C#5 and then it goes back into the chorus riff for the

the outro is this:



From: (Psycho Slasher)
Subject: TAB: Longview GUITAR/BASS

Longview by Green Day

\ = slide down
r = release

the guitar here was copied from Keith something...(don't wanna start a war)...



This the end (my way: probably wrong, please give me corrections)


By the way the bass goes like this:

Riff A - during the actual verse

Riff B - after chorus


I didn't bother gettin the chorus, it's pretty easy though; just a variation
of the guitar.

Alfredo Ramos


You won't BELIEVE how long it took me to figure out that damn baseline on 
this regular guitar :) but it's here now... all of it except for those high 
parts he plays at the end i've only partially figured those out.


"Longview" by Greenday
TAB by Chris Peressotti

First thing before i give the TAB, you must know the way the power chords 
are played in this song. The chords that you should play in this way i'll 
just make a "+" sign after them.

A+                G+                D+

G -------------   G -------------   G --7--5--7--5-
D --7--5--7--5-   D --5--3--5--3-   D --7--5--7--5-
A --7--5--7--5-   A --5--3--5--3-   A --5--5--5--5-
E --5--5--5--5-   E --3--3--3--3-   E -------------

Other chords in this song.

D       C

G -7-   G -5-
D -7-   D -5-
A -5-   A -3-
E ---   E ---

This is the first bassline, it's usually played while Billy Joe sings.

D --------------------------------------------------- L
G ----7-----------------------7----------10-9-7------ O
A ------10-9------10-9---7------10-9*-----------10-9- O
E -10--------10-8------8---10---------10------------- P

When moving into the chorus, right after playing the note which i've put a 
star after (9th fret on the A string) play the C chord for 4 beats, then 
move into the chorus:

A+ A+ G+ D+ A+ A+ G+ D+ A+ A+ G+ D+ A+ A+
Followed by strumming a regular G chord once.

Then play the second bassline, usually played twice before going into the 
first bassline.

D ----7--------7--------------- L
G ---------7-9---9-10-9-7------ O
A ------------------------10-9- O
E -10---10--------------------- P

At the chorus when they start to sing "Where is the motivation..." after 
playing the chorus chords play

D C D C D C D C (Re-play chorus chords, they will start around when Billy
                 Joe sings the word "inspiration")

As for the end where while the bassline is being played there are some high 
notes being played, all i can figure out is what note it matches on the 
HIGH e string:

e -2-3-3-0---2-3-5-10- (LOOP)


If you want the words... buy the CD :)
NO if you want them posted, i can do that... not right now though i'm tired

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