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Green Day tabs

Dry Ice guitar tab

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 19:07:53 -0500
Subject: Dry Ice by Green Day

Song:  Dry Ice
Band:  Green Day
Album:  1039\Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
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     G#    C     C#     Eb       F
Intro:  =



G#                C               C#            G#  =

late last night i had a dream and she was in it again
G#             C          C#             Eb
she and i were in the sky flying hand in hand

(same chords)
i woke up in a cold sweat wishing she was by my side
praying that she'll dry the tears left on my face i've cried


C#   G#       C#            G#
oh i love her keep dreaming of her
C#          G#       C#                 Eb
will i understand if she wants to be my friend?

G#, C, C#, G#  (x2)


i'll send a letter to that girl asking her to be my own
but my pen is writing wrong so i'll say it in a song
oh i love you more right now more than i've ever loved before
take these words from these lips: i'll need you forever more

repeat CHORUS  x2


G#            F                C#
come ease the pain that's in my heart

solo( i don't know it, improvise)

repeat Intro
repeat Verse1
repeat CHORUS
repeat Bridge

end on G#

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